Installing eir Vision will take a little bit of time but we'll do all the hard work. This is how the process works.

After your order is confirmed

Once you've ordered eir Fibre and eir Vision, you'll get a confirmation email from us, so you'll know exactly what package you've ordered.

We'll call you to make an appointment for one of our expert engineers to come out and set things up. You'll also get a text message reminder the day before your appointment to reconfirm the agreed time.

Getting Ready

Before our engineer arrives, it's a good idea to decide where you want your modem to be located. It needs to be connected to your main phone socket.

So, if you want to put it a distance away from the phone socket and there's a lot of furniture in the way, you might want to clear the area so we can get straight to work.

Getting Set Up

On arrival, our engineer will get to work setting everything up. They'll bring your modem and your eir Vision+ box so you don't need to worry about when those will arrive. We might have to drill a few minor holes or tack white wire to your skirting boards but we won't be lifting up the carpet or anything like that.

The engineer will then connect your eir Vision+ box to the modem and your TV. The engineer will also register the eir Vision+ box to the network and walk you through how to use the planner, how to record a programme and how to set up your PIN for parental control.

If you are already availing of our TV service and wish to add Multiroom, a one-off additional multiroom box installation will incur a cost of 60 (including VAT).

You're all set up

That's it! You're all set up and ready to go with superfast eir Fibre broadband and eir Vision.

Remember we're always here to help if you've got questions before or after your installation. You can find answers to common questions in our FAQs, in our Community or you can chat to an eir Vision expert online.