Using eir Vision Box

What is the difference in the eir Vision+ and eir Vision Multiroom box?

How do I turn on / off my eir Vision+ box?

How will I know if my eir Vision+ box is on?

What do I do if I canít find a recording?

How many programmes can I record at any one time?

How do I view a programme I have recorded?

How do I find the programme I want to watch?

Can I pause a live programme?

Can I rewind a live programme?

Can I block my kids from watching certain tv channels?

Will I have Parental Control in each room with TV?

If my TV is plugged out will my programmes still record?

How do I delete a recording?

I don't want to scroll through every channel in the programme guide - can I apply a filter?

Using eir Vision Remote Control

Can I program my remote control to operate my TV?

Iím not sure what buttons to press on the eir Vision remote control?

My remote doesnít seem to be working properly.

Iíve lost my remote how can I get a replacement?

How will I know when the batteries are low?

How long should I expect the batteries in my eir Vision remote to last?

What batteries does the eir Vision remote control take?


How do I add Multiroom?

How do I add channels to my eir Vision package?

What additional products & services are available?

Will I be able to use Aertel teletext?

Can I turn on / off subtitles of individual programmes?

What features are available on the eir Vision+ box?

If my box breaks will I lose all my recordings?

Will my internet browsing be affected by TV?

How can I optimise my broadband browsing speed?

As eir Vision is delivered by internet, do I watch it on my PC?

How will I check my internet speed?

What should I be aware of when disposing of my eir Vision Set- top Box?

How do I watch eir Sport on my eir Vision set top box?

How do I watch eir Sport on my Sky TV set top box?