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What is eir Vision Go?

Who is eligible to use eir Vision Go?

What channels can I watch on eir Vision Go?

What devices are supported by eir Vision Go?

How many devices can I use at one time with eir Vision Go?

Are there any restrictions when using eir Vision Go?

Getting started/Using the service

How can I register for eir Vision Go?

How do I Log In?

How do I register a device?

Can I set up a PIN on eir Vision Go?

How can I change my eir Vision Go PIN?

How can I reset my eir Vision Go PIN?

How can I swap devices?

I've input an incorrect device but can't change it due to the monthly device swap rule?

How do I set-up Parental Control on eir Vision Go?

How can I search for a program I want to watch?

Why can't I see a particular channel/programme?

Can I record a programme from eir Vision Go?

Streaming and Data usage

Account Management

How can I change my password?

I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

I have forgotten my email address what do I do?

How can I suspend my eir Vision Go account?

I have forgotten my eir Vision Go PIN, what do I do?

Where can I find Terms and Conditions?


Iíve tried to use eir Vision Go/eir Sport on my browser but it doesnít work.

When I try to watch a programme on my computer nothing happens?

I'm experiencing some video buffering?

When I switch from my home WiFi to 3G or 4G an error is displayed on eir Vision Go?

Can I use eir Vision Go on a rooted Android or jailbroken Apple device?