How do I know what my home phone number is?

I'm making alterations to my home and need to move a telephone pole, what do I need to do?

Once I've ordered online what happens next?

I have just missed a call, how can I find out who called me?

Where do I get my telephone handset?

What is Ring Back and how does it work?

How do I opt-in / out of the Telephone directory?

How do I opt-out of Unsolicited Calls?

What does a flashing green phone LED mean?

Why do some numbers show as unknown?

Why can my telephone number not be seen by anyone I call?

How does 3 Way Calling work?

Where do I find my Account Number?

What happens if I want to cancel my service?

What should I be aware of when disposing of my phone?

How can I stop unsolicited/telemarketing calls?

How can I submit a plant alteration request?

Building or Altering your home

Have you any information on scam calls/emails?

I'm moving house - how can I move my eir services to my new address?

Charges / Price Plans

How much does it cost to make an international call?

Why has a part period charge been applied to my bill?

What is the equipment rental on my bill?

Why are my call usage charges more than I expected?

Why am I being charged more than I was advised?

Why have I been charged VAT?

I signed up to a call-inclusive package, why am I being charged for calls?

Why is there a connection charge on my bill?

My line isn't working is there a charge to fix this?

Why is there a Direct Debit charge on my account?

Are there any additional charges for paying my bill with Direct Debit?

What calls are covered in my package?

Why am I seeing a charge for a deposit on my bill?

How much is a technician call out charge?


My new phone line is not working?

I'm having a problem with my phone

Why can't I use my phone since I got broadband installed?

Why am I not able to make or receive calls?

Why is there noise on my line?

Can I still make calls in the event of a power cut or network failure?

Why is my handset display blank?

What does 'SIP registration failed' on my handset display mean?

What does 'Server not accessible' on my handset display mean?

Moving to eir Fibre

Can I keep my existing telephone number?

I have a monitored alarm, will this still work when I move my phone plan to eir Fibre?

Will my Call management services still work?

eir Broadband and Talk

What is eir Broadband Talk?

What are the benefits of using eir Broadband Talk?

Do I need to get a special phone for this to work?

Who can avail of this service?

Can I use the broadband service and make calls at the same time?

What are the charges for using eir Broadband Talk?

Is there a Connection Fee with eir Broadband Talk?

Which call management services are supported using eir Broadband Talk?

If I am an existing eir home phone customer, are any of my existing services impacted by switching my home phone to eir Broadband Talk?

Can I keep my existing landline telephone number?

As an existing customer, I’m having issues with viewing eir Sport on my Sky Box after moving to eir Broadband Talk?