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Why has eircom changed to eir?

Will my Webmail email address change?

Will my bill change?

Can I still contact you in the same way?

Does this affect my contract?

Have my terms and conditions changed?

Do I have to get a new number?

Is your Customer Care department still in Ireland?

Can I still login to My eircom?


My password is no longer saved and I can't access Webmail?

How do I change my password?

I have forgotten my Webmail password. How do I reset it?

How do I access my eir email from my mobile?

How do I access my email from my PC?

How do I create a new email account?

I can't send outgoing Webmail?

I'm not receiving some emails?

What are the webmail settings?

How do I access my email using email software or an APP?

How can I set up a signature for my Webmail account?

How do I search in all of my folders?

How can I change my language settings?

How do I set a reminder using Webmail?

How can I manage my Webmail contacts?

How do I add an attachment to an email?

How do I request a read receipt in Webmail?

Will my Webmail address change to

My eir

How do I change my password in My eir?

I can't remember which email address i used to register for My eir

I am having difficulties logging in to My eir?

How do I change the default mobile number listed in My eir?

What can I do in My eir after registering?

Can I manage multiple accounts online?

Who can register for My eir?

What details do I need to register for My eir?

How do I register for eir Sport?

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What is the My eir App?

Who can get the My eir App?

Does the My eir App cost anything?

Where can I download the My eir App?

Can I use the My eir App outside of Ireland?

Why can’t I log into the App?