General Roaming

How do I set up roaming?

How can I make a call home while roaming?

What country code should I use when calling abroad?

How can I check my voicemail abroad?

How can I contact eir care from abroad?

What are the costs of roaming?

How can I control my data costs when going abroad?

Will I be notified if I use a lot of data while roaming?

How do I report my phone as lost or stolen?

How can I top up when abroad?

Why can’t I pick up coverage on my phone?

Roaming in the EU

What is Free EU roaming?

What's not included in free EU roaming?

How do I monitor my data usage while roaming in the EU?

What happens if I'm already receiving an EU roaming allowance?

Do I need to do anything to get the new EU roaming rates?

How much data will I have when roaming in the EU?