What is eir Sport?

Who can get eir Sport?

What channels can I watch?

How can I watch eir Sport?

How many devices can I use to watch the eir Sport app?

Are there any restrictions to use the eir Sport app?

Getting started/Using the service

How do I watch eir Sport?

How can I register to stream eir Sport online?

How to register a device?

Experiencing issues with device recognition and swaps?

How do I set a PIN for eir Sport?

How do I change a PIN for eir Sport?

How do I reset a PIN for eir Sport?

How to swap devices?

I have registered the incorrect device but am not able to change it due to the "monthly device swap rule"

How do I set up Parental Control?

Why can't I see a particular programme on eir Sport? (Whether I'm at home or out and about?)

Can I record a programme from eir Sport?

Will watching eir Sport online or through the app affect my usage?

Account management

How do I change my password?

I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

I have forgotten my email address, what do I do?

Where can I find Terms and Conditions?


I’ve tried to use eir Vision Go/eir Sport on my browser but it doesn’t work.

When I try to watch a programme on my computer nothing happens

I am experiencing some video buffering

When I switch from my home WiFi to 3G or 4G an error is displayed

eir Sport and rooted Android devices/jailbroken Apple devices?

Sky customers

Can I avail of eir Sport on my Sky box?

How do I avail of eir Sport on my Sky box?

Can I avail of this offer for free on my Multiroom box?

How soon after I sign up will my viewing be activated?

Will I get a refund if I move from an annual subscription to this offer?

What happens if I cease my eir Broadband?

I have eir Broadband 4G - Can I avail of this offer?

How can I register for My eir?

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