My Bill Explained

When will I receive my first bill?

Why is my first bill higher than I expected?

Why is my regular bill higher than normal?

Why does my bill show an outstanding amount?

Why have I usage charges on my bill?

What are part period charges?

What does "rental from" mean?

What is my bundle made up of?

Where is the bundle discount shown on my bill?

When is my payment due?

How can I change my plan?

I changed my plan/service - what will I see on my next bill?

I've moved to eir Fibre and my bill has changed?

Why has my account number changed?

How much notice is required for cancelling an eir service?

What's an ECC charge?

The eir account holder has passed away - what do I need to do?

If I don't use some of my allowances, are they carried over to the next month?

How long will you hold my deposit for?

How do promotional discounts work?