Support for your modem

How can I change my admin password?

Why does my WiFi network name appear twice in my list of connections?

How can I switch between 2.4GHz and 5GHz?

My broadband is running slow over WiFi, what can I do to improve it?

I’m having intermittent problems connecting to WiFi?

How can I change my WiFi Password?

How can I change my WiFi name/ SSID?

Are there any parental control settings I can set up for my broadband?

Can I set up a static IP address?

Where can I get the manual for my modem?

My eir Fibre modem is broken, how can I get a replacement?

Set up and use wireless

How do I set up WiFi?

Where can I find my WiFi password?

How do I change my WiFi password?

How many devices can I use at one time?

I cannot get my Mac to connect?

How do I set up a non-eir Modem?


How do I connect my gaming console to the Internet?

How can I assign a static IP address to my gaming console?

Technical Questions

Where can I get the manual for my modem?

How do I change my wireless channel on my modem?

Who can be eir WiFi Hosts?

General FAQs

Can I get faster broadband in my area?

What difference will I see with eir Fibre?

Is eir Fibre more reliable than my current broadband service?

How do I monitor my broadband usage?

How much will I be charged if I go over my broadband usage allowance?

Can I change / keep my existing phone number if I move to eir Fibre?

I'm moving house, can I get eir Fibre where I'm moving to?

I'm an existing customer, do I need to sign a new contract for eir Fibre?

I've changed my mind, how do I cancel my eir Fibre order?

Does eir Fibre work with my Sky box?

Does eir Fibre work with my home alarm?

What should I be aware of when disposing of my modem?

How can I protect my computer/device from viruses?

How much is a technician call out charge?

I'm moving house - how can I move my eir services to my new address?